torsdag 30 april 2015

New Prometheus version

I've made a new version of Prometheus which is now available on Steam and the other places where the game is sold:

20150430 - Version 1.5
- Fixed weapon hitboxes
- Added music and sound effects volume settings
- Fixed attack sometimes not responding to input
- Added basic joystick support

tisdag 21 april 2015

Prometheus released on Steam

Prometheus has now been released on Steam. A big thank you to everyone who voted for the game so it finally got greenlit on there. The only major difference from the version available at Humble Bundle is that I've added a number of Steam achievements. If you have already purchased the game outside of Steam and want a Steam key, contact me and I'll provide it for you.

torsdag 2 april 2015

Prometheus Easter egg

It struck me when playing through Prometheus that I have not yet revealed the Easter egg I included in the game. And what better time of the year to tell it than right now? :)

In Kolchis you need to enter the doors in the woods in this order:
1. Take the first door to enter the labyrinth.
2. Go to the right and take the door you come across.
3. Go to the left and take the first door you come across.
4. Go to the left and take the first door you come across.
5. In the room you are in now, equip the Wings of Icaros and jump into the wall to the right. You will enter a room with a boss fight - against Sand Man from Mega Man 42. :) Prometheus only gets damaged from the magic dust, he will not fall asleep.

onsdag 1 april 2015

Prometheus new version 1.3

I'm in the process of making Prometheus available on Steam, turns out it's pretty complicated to say the least. I played through the game and found out the animation speed bug the last version was supposed to fix had gotten even worse, now the animation wouldn't run at all. I've made a new version which should soon be available. It's a very small cosmetic fix but I want the game to be as bug-free as possible when gets released on Steam.