torsdag 31 oktober 2013

Behind the scenes

What's fun about having released MM42 is that I can now show you some behind the scenes stuff. Below are some before and after pictures of the Mad Man and Sky Man sprites. Both sprites underwent a bit of a touch up before they were put into the game and animated. Mad Man was also changed to look more like the concept art picture I had drawn of him.

Note that Mad Man's cuckoo bird survived the redesign and can now be viewed when Mad Man opens the lid to attack.

What did Zombie Man look like before things went... less good? Below is a line drawing of De-Zombie Man:

Here's another nice concept drawing of the originally planned six Robot Masters in the game. This was before Zombie Man and Missile Man joined the party. I like Sky Man's Rocketeer-like helmet in this one.

There's a lot more of this stuff, but most of it are concept drawings of the enemies which are not so interesting, they look the same as in the game basicly except less pixelated. Maybe I'll upload some more pictures later, we'll see.

onsdag 30 oktober 2013

Mega Man 42 has been released!!!!!11one

Mega Man 42 is out now! Click the below link to begin downloading.

I hope you enjoy the game! It's been quite a ride these last seven months working on Mega Man 42. The first three months certainly were the most intense, after that the game hasn't changed too much, but finally finding trustworthy composers for the project was worth a million and the main reason I'm now finally able to release Mega Man 42. Also fine-tuning and improving MM42 based on my own playthroughs and the beta testers' feedback has made all the difference in the world.

I feel absolutely spent now and it's going to be really nice to close the book on this chapter and look forward instead. Eventually I will release a Redux version of Mega Man 42 with improved stage tile graphics, as well as a very hard Nightmare Mode version, but I can't say for sure when that will be. Right now I just want to focus 100 percent on my current game Prometheus.

Speaking of Prometheus I'm going to take the opportunity to write a little about its progress as well. All the graphics for the Erymanthos area have been done, I've also coded all of the enemies. Now what's left to do is to code the boss, the NPC's, the transition from Olympus to Erymanthos and some other minor things like adding a title screen, configurable controls and a save feature. Once that is done I'm also going to go through all the feedback I've received and improve the game based on that. Then, and only then, the second and final demo version will be complete and ready for release.

Props and slops for Mega Man 42:

- Mike Thal and Dan Butler for coming through and composing the lion's share of the music for the game in a very professional manner. Thank you very much!
- The other composers: Dylan James, Mirthan and Phunk Master Flex
- Sky-Man for coming up with the idea for the game
- The beta testers for your invaluable input: spd12, Alex Goldstone, Kenneth Blaney and cannonballbam
- Capcom and Keiji Inafune for coming up with Mega Man

- All of the haters. You know who you are
- Various mean-spirited and immature development team members from other unnamed Mega Man fan games.

Always fighting for everlasting peace,

MM42 release imminent

Alright, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the release stream has been cancelled due to sudden illness. Which I'm terribly sorry for but there is not much to be done about it. Good news is that Mega Man 42 will still be released on schedule very soon! At the time of writing we are roughly at T minus 5 hours and 10 minutes left! The game will be released at 00.00 the 31st of October Swedish time, which is 06.00 PM EST and 03.00 PM PST. Get your weapons ready!

fredag 25 oktober 2013

Mega Man 42 Release Event Stream!!

Announcing the Mega Man 42 Release Stream!

As a fun event to celebrate the release of the game, we are going to host a stream were I play through the game with commentary. Also joining the stream will be the following special guests; Sky-Man who came up with the idea for the game, as well as the composers Dan Butler and Mike Thal! We will discuss our individual contributions to the game, and what inspired us.

The channel will be:

Mega Man 42 will be released on Thursday October 31th 00.00 (meaning very late on the 30th, the night to the 31st), Swedish time. And the stream will start at that time as well. The stream will mean spoilers, but I will do the playthroughs with buster only on the Robot Masters in order not to spoil the weakness order. The plan is to do one playthrough as Mega Man and one as Roll, meaning the stream will last for about two hours. After that there is a possibility of a bonus section with other Mega Man- or Mega Man-inspired games being played.

In other news, the work on Prometheus is progressing well, and all of the graphics for the Erymanthos area have been completed. Now the coding is left to be done and then I can release the second demo version. I'm also pleased to say that Dan Butler of Mega Man 42 has been recruited for Prometheus as well! This is great since I can now take my mind of the music for the game and instead focus on things I actually know how to do. The second beta test stage of Mega Man 42 is wrapped up and the game is getting very close to being finished and ready for the release, only a little bit of fine-tuning left.

See you on Wednesday for the release stream!

tisdag 22 oktober 2013

Mega Man 42 Trailer

Resident composer and PR manager Mike has made a trailer to hype up the imminent release of Mega Man 42! Here it is in all its glory:

onsdag 16 oktober 2013

Stay on target!

Hey look what I found waiting for me in the mail!:

Pretty cool, huh?

All of the music is done, we're getting really close to the release of Mega Man 42 and I couldn't be happier for that. The last couple of days I've put in a lot of work coding the final few things that have been in the pipeline for a while now. One of the composers, Mike Thal, came up with the idea to start a Facebook page for the game:

The official release date is October 31st and that's what we're aiming for, but maybe, just maybe the game will be able to be released even before that! No promises though. Watch this space!

onsdag 9 oktober 2013

Music progress!

After a number of months of search I've finally found two composers for Mega Man 42 who are very talented and also serious about contributing. Work on the music is now progressing very smoothly, and if everything works out I'm confident that the game will be able to get released by the end of the month at the latest (October 31st is what I'm aiming for now).

Here is a demo of some of Dan Butler's songs for the game, enjoy:

Regarding Prometheus the demo has gotten overall a very positive response for which I'm happy. While I don't have time to answer all posts on the forums and sites where I've posted the demo, you can rest assured that I read everything and will take all the feedback into account when continuing work on the game. Right now I've started work on the next area - Erymanthos - and the first room out of seven is right about done.