fredag 17 november 2017

Danger Close! release on Steam *finally* imminent!

Ok, first off, I know I posted about the Steam release one year ago so I am aware that it has taken a much longer time than I first anticipated and for that I am truly sorry. The Greenlight OK came at the most inopportune time possible, one week before I started my 2-year Java education. That has kept me busy enough so I haven't had the time required to dedicate to this project. But after being on an internship for a couple of months this fall, I'm now back in school and I felt that things had slowed down to the point where I had enough time to finally get this done and over with.

Besides a few hickups, the Steam integration was not half as hairy as I thought it would be. It's not just the work that kept me from doing this right away, but I've also been worried about the response to the game. I know for a fact that with the times we live in today, people will be triggered and offended by this game in one way or the other.

There probably still are things in the game that I should tone down even more, even though I've already toned down many potentially offensive things. But I figure that once I start doing that, I will find more and more graphics that need to be changed or toned down, to the point where the sprites in the game will just end up being black squares. And that really defeats the purpose of the game.

To me Danger Close! is a celebration of retro games even though Metal Slug 3 which is the major inspiration isn't that old, the pixel graphics and the arcade style of it is something of the past. And going with that I feel that the not-so-politically correct (I hate using this word, but I can't think of a better one) inclusion of evil dicators, insurgents and what have you, is perfectly in line with that. There used to be a time when doing this was ok, and I feel that it kind of goes with the theme of the game.

I've made a few allusions to other games and movies in the past, but one really nice example that I had forgotten about was the intro scene of The Naked Gun, where Frank Drebin single-handedly takes out all the 80's evil dictators. This game is that scene, but for the 00's and stretched out to a run-n'-gun arcade game :)

The current planned release date for the game on Steam is:

1st of December 2017

I've stopped reading comments so trying to contact me there about bugs and the like won't do much good. Instead e-mail me or comment the Steam announcements, or write about it in a review. And if you do the latter, please write constructive criticism. Any inkling of bashing and I will not continue reading the review.

As I've written before it will be a huge weight off my shoulders to finally get DC released on Steam, and it will give me closure so I can go on with my life, and still feel that I kept my promise to the people who upvoted the game on Greenlight.