måndag 3 februari 2014

The Emperor's New Clothes

Here's the new look for Prometheus since the old one was a little too similar to the Orpheus player sprite in The Battle of Olympus. I intended that as a homage, something which didn't seem to find its way to certain persons, so what the hell. Don't mistake this for me being scared of getting sued though, I still think that is an astronomically unlikely event to take place. I hope you like the new sprite because I don't feel like changing it again. When you walk now you see that Prometheus has the cross shield which is the first shield you come across in the game. I made him have a red bandana as a homage to Rambo, I hope Sylvester Stallone hasn't copyrighted it!

I have also changed back to the old boss getting damaged-sound since the new one was too similar to the one in BoO, again not since I want to steal their thunder, it was only meant as a homage to that game.

In other not so insignificant news, I'm happy to announce that the game has now moved into beta stage of development! Virtually all of its assets when it comes to graphics, coding and audio are now in the game. The only things left are: To make an epilogue, complete with item collecting-percent and game completion timer in accordance with a real metroidvania game, as well as the last two music tracks. Then I have a to do-list to go through and of course the beta testing. Playing through the game now is a joy though, and I'm extremely pleased with the end result so far, it's probably even better than I imagined it would turn out. Which is rare because I am a rather pessimistic-minded person.

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