måndag 30 mars 2015

Mega Man 42 v1.2 (definitive version)

To celebrate the greenlighting of Prometheus, here's a treat for you: The definitive version of Mega Man 42. I went back to the game after about a year of its release, and with a new perspective I realized that it was more than difficult enough already. So no need for a Nightmare mode. Also the graphics are fine enough for a fan game, so no need for a Redux version. Instead I've fixed a few bugs, most notably the ending now looks like it's supposed to do.

20150330 - Version 1.2
- Fixed special weapons bug where you would sometimes not longer be able to use them (had to do with the on-screen limitation not adjusting properly when opening the menu)
- Fixed the game crashing when the player character would die at the same time as the very last boss
- Changed item-spawning so they appear inside solid ground less frequently
- Fixed bug where Roll would get stuck in the air when teleporting and after beating the very last boss

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