tisdag 2 juli 2013

My next project


Not a lot going on with Mega Man 42 at the moment. There is still the music issue and a few bugs left to be fixed. I kind of miss having something to code and make graphics for, so I'm excited to begin real work on my next project soon.

The next game will be another NES-style game now restricted to the correct color palette. It will be a metroidvania-type game set in ancient Greece. The player will battle mythological monsters and collect items. All the good stuff. And to let the cat out of the bag, indeed it will be heavily inspired by Battle of Olympus for NES and to a lesser degree Zelda II (which of course in turn is one of the main inspirations for BoO). However, it's important to note that it will not be a fan game this time around. I intend to make a demo and a full version that will be for sale.

As fun as it has been these last three months creating MM42 from our ideas dating back to 2001, and it certainly has never been my intention for MM42 to be anything else than a non-profit game (after all the IP Megaman obviously belongs to Capcom), working more than full time for something that you wont be getting anything back from financially is kinda not workable in the long term. I'm unemployed at the moment which of course has meant I've been able to put a lot of time into the creation of MM42, but it's also a factor that plays in that it's just not workable for me to keep doing this as an amateur. On a positive note I've learned so much from developing MM42 which is very valuable when continuing to new projects, had I made MM42 from an existing engine, or if I had started out with this next game, it would have been much worse as a result since my skills would have been on a much lower level.

In any case I've started planning the project and I've settled for all of the bosses and areas, so it's coming along nicely. Stay tuned for more updates.

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