måndag 19 augusti 2013

Prometheus - The Fire Thief

Work has begun on my next game entitled Prometheus - The Fire Thief. After two days of work I have a working engine, a HUD and a weapons and item selection screen complete with graphics that are both fully functional as well. For some reason I did not think it would be this easy to gain progress on the game but apparently it is. I suppose the explanation is that I actually have learned a great deal from coding Mega Man 42, which makes the work on Prometheus much easier. It took a week or something for me to get this far on MM42, and just getting a half decent game engine took me three long hard days of struggling and having no idea what to do.

It certainly was the right decision to code this one 100 percent from scratch. I was thinking about building on the Mega Man 42 engine, but thank heavens I didn't do that. There is so much unneccesary code in that game, pages and pages of it coming from inexperience in GML coding, and P:TFT is another kind of game as well, much simpler in most respects like I've mentioned before, which of course also is a factor in that progress has been so smooth. That being said though, I dare boldly claim that my Mega Man engine is very accurate and precise compared to most other fan games out there. And I can say that with confidence because I've played a fair share of fan games lately and some of them are really wonky when it comes to the engine, even though most are still enjoyable despite that.

My sprite work so far for this game I'm very pleased with, more so than most of the stuff in MM42, and this is where I should post pictures. However I don't really like posting straight up screenshots for various reasons, the main being that I'm afraid someone is going to steal my sprites. Posting the MM42 screenshots was really painful for me. I'm thinking once I'm done with the intro stage I'll record a playthrough of it (with sound this time) and upload it to Youtube. This might not be that far away into the future. Tomorrow the plan is to make a test enemy and after that work shall begin on the first stage.

As far as the music in MM42 is concerned: Don't mention the war.

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