söndag 8 december 2013

Lycia and Kolchis

I figured I'd give you guys a little something to show that I'm still alive, kicking and working hard on Prometheus. The Kolchis area is now complete, and I've made all the graphics for Lycia which is the next area I'm working on. The programming is what's left to be done there. In other words two out of eight areas are completely done and I've now begun on a third. Mind you the game is nonlinear so you're not necessarily supposed to complete the areas in this order, it just happens to be convenient for me to go through them in the way they will be adjoined in the game. Right now I feel I'm in a very nice flow, the framework for the game when it comes to screen transitions and showing text on the screen etc, is all done so it's the dirty work that is left which is great. From now on out I'm positive things will progress much more smoothly as opposed to before when I had to split my attention between MM42 and Prometheus.

Below are screenshots from the Kolchis and Lycia areas. These were taken from before I put the enemies in there so they will have to be revealed later. I'm going to make a serious attempt at getting Prometheus Greenlit on Steam, so probably once I've finished Lycia I will make a trailer and a NES boxart-style promotional picture for the game for this purpose.

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