lördag 29 mars 2014

Teh vidya

Today I have two videos for your perusal, one showing gameplay of Maze Dude, and a video of the test engine progress so far of Mission: Afghanistan.

Exporting Maze Dude to the iOS platforms has proven a little more problematic than I anticipated, so it will most likely take a while until I can get it up and running on there. I'm not a huge fan of Apple, but they sure know their way around user friendlieness, so I thought it would be just as easy as pressing a button to get your app in the iStore. Apparently you need a Mac (which I don't have) to be able to do that tough, information which Yo-Yo Games hid somewhere among the fine print. Oh well, I think it'll sort itself out given time. Also I need to reconfigure the game's resolution to fit the various iOS devices' screen resolution ratios.

Everything is now ready for the release of Prometheus on monday. It'll be very interesting to see what you guys think about the game. I know I'm satisfied though, and the beta testing has made it a better game. I probably could've sped up the release a bit if I had not been so generous with extra time for me to get everything sorted out. It's one of the lessons I've learned from this, and I'm sure there will be more to come.

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