tisdag 11 juni 2013

Megaman confirmed for Smash Bros!


E3 is in full steam right now and today Nintendo revealed that Megaman will be one of the new challengers in the next Smash Bros game! Yay! Maybe Megaman isn't dead after all? Although Nintendo are obviously not Capcom and it's their IP so you never now about that.

Regarding my fan game all that is left to be done is the last of the Wily stages' bosses and then that's all done as far as the actual gameplay components are concerned. The boss is planned out and I have done all the sprites for it so it's just the actual programming left which should be done in a day's work. It's very nice to have virtually all of the dirty work done at this point since it really will be easy sailing from here. I'm looking forward to completing the game so people can play it, and so I can begin work on my next project which will A. Not be a fan game and B. Probably be way easier to program and create in general.

Have a good one!

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