söndag 9 juni 2013



The first Wily stages boss is done and like I hoped and predicted it cooperated fairly well, once I figured out that I had switched the x and y coordinates in one place. I don't want to spoil the boss but if you have ever played a Megaman game before you might have an idea what it could be. What's left now are the remaining three Wily stages' bosses and work has begun on one of them. After that is done everything needs to be tied together as far as the game goes, with menues and a password system. This is mostly just stuff that will take x time to do, it's not really tricky at all. Music and sound effects also need to be done, the music could prove to be a bit problematic because I need to either find someone to do the music or learn it myself which could take some time. I've done my fair share of music using a computer, but the chiptune stuff I've never tried.

On the list is also adding Roll as a playable character which has always been the idea for me at least from day one. Which could prove a bit problematic as well since the engine as far as Megaman's sprite goes is the patchiest piece of code in the game. The reason is I programmed it before everything else to see that I could do it which was good for that reason but it certainly has given me a lot of headache throughout the process of creating this game. I've found out that the less built-in functions in Gamemaker that you use, the better the game turns out. And of course I started out by using almost exclusively the stupid GM functions since I didn't know better at the time, as opposed to coding them in GML. That's all for now, more updates later.

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