lördag 14 september 2013

First boss done!

The boss of the first intro stage in Prometheus has been finished today after a couple days of hard work, made possible with inspiration returning to me after a bit of a draught (unfortunately I have not yet been able to get into the mode were you just work whether you feel inspired or not). All in all, I'm very pleased with the result so far with the game; it has turned out very close to how I imagined it and wanted it to. Visually and game mechanics-wise, the first stage is now complete, all that remains is creating the sound effects and music. Unless my new found inspiration suddenly vanishes I should be able to do that in a few days work. Sound effects are going to be intentionally sparse even compared to MM42, and the music is much less of a problem when it doesn't have to sound like Mega Man music.

Of course there are some bugs, as always, but it will be great to be able to put a first demo out there and record a video to put up on Youtube. Like I've mentioned, the second real demo once it's done will include one more area. Because when push to comes to shove, this type of game is not much about the platforming, but more about exploring, combat, and using the right items at the right place (which just one stage could not possibly show off properly). But the first mount Olympus stage will show off the graphics and the physics engine etc just fine.

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