fredag 27 september 2013

Prometheus demo released!

The first demo version of Prometheus - The Fire Thief has been released! The music took a while to get done, but here it is finally:

There are still a few bugs, for example the stairs you can fall down from if you get hit. But for a first demo it works perfectly fine. Below are also a few screenshots from the game, and a link to a video I've recorded and uploaded to Youtube, this time WITH SOUND!!1

I'll let the stuff speak for itself and make this a short post. I want to talk about the music in Mega Man 42 though. This is my plan now: Once I'm done with P:TFT which will be in about four-to-five months time, I will sit down and really study how to make Mega Man-sounding music (I will have a little more experience with chiptunes then from making the OST for P:TFT), get the songs done, and release the game. Which means my plan of realeasing MM42 around August this year really won't be a reality and I'm sorry for that but I've exhaused all possibilities at this point. Now three songs out of 14 are done, and at that rate the game won't be out for another year and at least this solution will be faster than that.

I hope you enjoy the demo. Now work begins on the next area - Erymanthos - which will be much larger, and also playable in the final version of the demo.

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