onsdag 9 oktober 2013

Music progress!

After a number of months of search I've finally found two composers for Mega Man 42 who are very talented and also serious about contributing. Work on the music is now progressing very smoothly, and if everything works out I'm confident that the game will be able to get released by the end of the month at the latest (October 31st is what I'm aiming for now).

Here is a demo of some of Dan Butler's songs for the game, enjoy:

Regarding Prometheus the demo has gotten overall a very positive response for which I'm happy. While I don't have time to answer all posts on the forums and sites where I've posted the demo, you can rest assured that I read everything and will take all the feedback into account when continuing work on the game. Right now I've started work on the next area - Erymanthos - and the first room out of seven is right about done.

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