torsdag 31 oktober 2013

Behind the scenes

What's fun about having released MM42 is that I can now show you some behind the scenes stuff. Below are some before and after pictures of the Mad Man and Sky Man sprites. Both sprites underwent a bit of a touch up before they were put into the game and animated. Mad Man was also changed to look more like the concept art picture I had drawn of him.

Note that Mad Man's cuckoo bird survived the redesign and can now be viewed when Mad Man opens the lid to attack.

What did Zombie Man look like before things went... less good? Below is a line drawing of De-Zombie Man:

Here's another nice concept drawing of the originally planned six Robot Masters in the game. This was before Zombie Man and Missile Man joined the party. I like Sky Man's Rocketeer-like helmet in this one.

There's a lot more of this stuff, but most of it are concept drawings of the enemies which are not so interesting, they look the same as in the game basicly except less pixelated. Maybe I'll upload some more pictures later, we'll see.

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