fredag 25 oktober 2013

Mega Man 42 Release Event Stream!!

Announcing the Mega Man 42 Release Stream!

As a fun event to celebrate the release of the game, we are going to host a stream were I play through the game with commentary. Also joining the stream will be the following special guests; Sky-Man who came up with the idea for the game, as well as the composers Dan Butler and Mike Thal! We will discuss our individual contributions to the game, and what inspired us.

The channel will be:

Mega Man 42 will be released on Thursday October 31th 00.00 (meaning very late on the 30th, the night to the 31st), Swedish time. And the stream will start at that time as well. The stream will mean spoilers, but I will do the playthroughs with buster only on the Robot Masters in order not to spoil the weakness order. The plan is to do one playthrough as Mega Man and one as Roll, meaning the stream will last for about two hours. After that there is a possibility of a bonus section with other Mega Man- or Mega Man-inspired games being played.

In other news, the work on Prometheus is progressing well, and all of the graphics for the Erymanthos area have been completed. Now the coding is left to be done and then I can release the second demo version. I'm also pleased to say that Dan Butler of Mega Man 42 has been recruited for Prometheus as well! This is great since I can now take my mind of the music for the game and instead focus on things I actually know how to do. The second beta test stage of Mega Man 42 is wrapped up and the game is getting very close to being finished and ready for the release, only a little bit of fine-tuning left.

See you on Wednesday for the release stream!

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