söndag 10 november 2013

MM42 CD Data

If you've ever played Mega man & Bass you know the game included collectible "CD"-items with short fun bio's on the series' various Robot Masters. I didn't put these kinds of bios for the MM42 RM's into the game, but I've written them down just as a fun, silly exercise and I thought I'd share:

Sand Man
Quote: "Time to go to sleep!"
Info: Lives in the dream factory and often sleeps in
Good Point: Well-rested
Bad Point: Sleepy still
Like: Beds
Dislike: Alarms

Zombie Man
Quote: "Rise from your graves!"
Info: Once a robot waste manager, then he was infected by an illness
Good Point: Raises spirits
Bad Point: Slow
Like: Eating robots
Dislike: Sharp objects

Mad Man
Quote: "I'm mad about you!"
Info: Lives in an insane asylum. Likes spikes so much he wears them too
Good Point: Doesn't hold back
Bad Point: Unpredictable
Like: Chaos
Dislike: Order

Sky Man
Quote: "Let the thunder roar!"
Info: Lives in a weather station in the sky. Can control the elements
Good Point: The most electrifying Robot Master in show business
Bad Point: Blows circuits
Like: Storms
Dislike: Clear skies

Ombuds Man
Quote: "I need to get to my meeting!"
Info: Handles Dr. Wily's economic affairs. Doesn't like when things are a mess
Good Point: Neat
Bad Point: A snob
Like: Paperwork
Dislike: Ink smudges

Art Man
Quote: "Express yourself, man!"
Info: Wants to connect with the forest and make art
Good Point: Creative
Bad Point: Sloppy
Like: Paint
Dislike: Rules

Missile Man
Quote: "Launch is confirmed!"
Info: His base is a hangar ship from which he launches his missions
Good Point: Good aim
Bad Point: Blows up
Like: Rocket fuel
Dislike: Peace

Brain Man
Quote: "Let me think about it!"
Info: Uses his brains to find out secrets
Good Point: Intelligent
Bad Point: Weak
Like: Theories
Dislike: Hard work

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