tisdag 12 november 2013

New Prometheus demo released!

UPDATE 20131115: Fixed a bug where you would not respawn after dying on the first stage.

The new Prometheus demo has been released! Here's the changelog for this version:

20131112 - Prometheus - The Fire Thief Demo version 0.3 Alpha
- Left and right inputs can now be used to walk up and down a stair once Prometheus has entered it
- Nerfed Zeus from 40 to 30 hp
- Bug fixed where the animation speed would be stuck at 0 when leaving a staircase
- Hitboxes now better represent sprites on enemies and bosses
- Added kbinput 4.0-extension support and ability to configure controls
- Getting hit while on a staircase will not cause Prometheus to fall down now
- Stair code improved in general
- Prometheus now walks to the first step of a staircase instead of instantly teleporting there when you press up
- Tweaked jump code
- Damage knockback tweaked
- Added gold coin worth 5 coins to make grinding for money easier
- Added Erymanthos area with new enemies, NPC's and a new boss
- Added various new weapons and items
- Added save/load feature
- Fixed screen tearing
- Upgraded to the much better GameMaker: Studio audio system
- Added title screen
- Added new music by Dan Butler
- Added checkpoints. You now start at where you entered the last room after dying

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qx1ixstp2s123q6/Prometheus_Demo_v0.3_alpha.zip

I hope you like the new demo. Now I'm going to work on version 1.1 of Mega Man 42 which will probably be done not too long from now. Then I will go back to the rest of Prometheus, and since I now have the framework for the remainder of the game down it should cooperate fairly well.

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